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Quick overview of the poultry industry

  • Poultry processing involves receiving live birds, preparing them for consumers.

  • Poultry processing operation has almost 6 operations which involve water and generate wastewater of high BOD COD strength.

  • Processing involves defeathering, washing, eviscerating, washing again, chilling and cut up

Nature of Effluent from chicken processing Industry

  • Chicken flesh and blood will be found in the wastewater with all of the component material

  • Including blood cells, fats and oils, protein materials, and suspended solids including silt.

  • Wastewater generated is organic in nature and biodegradable.

Challenges associated with Effluent Treatment

  • Oil and grease content will be high.

  • High biochemical oxygen demand BOD would be due to the presence of blood.

  • Fat is soft and more soluble in hot water ( during summers in India )

  • Fat will not come at surface and will exist as emulsion (not settling nor coming up at surface)

  • Fat oil and grease will be slowly degraded by biological treatment process

  • Surface chemistry holds the fats, oils, and grease (FOG) in suspension.

  • Other major challenge is blood as blood contains red blood cells RBC, described as large particles that will not truly dissolve in water but will disperse uniformly throughout a volume of water in which it is placed

  • Blood must form a stable suspension in effluent The stabilizing force in the suspension of blood is electric surface charge.

Solution offered based on the challenges of the Industry

  • Effluent Treatment Plant with emulsion breaking system for fat oil and grease followed by Coagulation and flocculation and Biological Treatment

  • Fat oil and grease has specific gravity less than 1.0, and red blood cells have a specific gravity near to water 1.0

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