Investing in Effluent Treatment Plants? Most important 5 points to keep in mind before investing.

Five most important points to keep in mind before investing in Effluent Treatment Plants or ETP.

  1. Know what your goals are from ETP, is it results within government's norms or cheap ETP no concerned about results

  2. Know your Effluent Treatment Plant's process thoroughly

  3. Know your risk tolerance

  4. Know you assets

  5. Know which product to invest in

Based on the definition of your goal

If invested in quality ETP than you have plenty of time to grow your business and recover from your product's increased sale.

IF invested in cheap ETP, it will be a small saving but frequent notices from State's pollution control authority will keep you engaged, and you may lose focus from your own product's growth. Unnecessary wastage of time, resources and efforts for keeping away pollution inspector's eye from your industry. When in first place you would have invested in quality ETP.

Goal based investing helps you to draw a proper plan where you will be investing your time in future.

Having a defined ETPs process in conjugation with your Industry's pollutant can help you prioritize your goals, stay focused and disciplined. Understand the nature of pollutants and act accordingly.

Investing without knowing risk tolerance can give you sleepless nights. Decide your risk taking ability and stay calm once invested.

If invested in quality ETP you do not have to worry for anything.

If invested in cheap ETP you may lose license for operating your Industry.

You may be having good relation with authority, but still they work by the orders and law.

It is necessary not to depend on relation completely which is based on greed.

Zero-in on a ETP that suits your investment needs and matches your risk taking capability.

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