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There comes a time in any Industry when their investments into water and wastewater treatment plants do not bring up results intended.

Investing again does not make sense and situation goes beyond hand.

In these situations partnership with Richa Environmental comes in handy.

By our engineering expertise We turn any kind Effluent Treatment Plant and Sewage Treatment Plant into a product which will deliver results as per pollution control board.

Troubleshooting with the sense of responsibility brings the best results from your ETP and STP.

Few troubles and their quick fixes are just a call/ email away. Free to contact Richa Environmental.

Equalization Tank

1. Smell comes from Equalization Tank

2. No homogeneous mixing in Collection tank

3. No proper arrangement for coarse bubbles in Equalization tank

Aeration Chamber / Reactor MBBR

1. Inappropriate Design of Aeration Chamber

2. No BOD reduction in Reactor

3. Dead zones are being created in Reactor

4. Media is not supporting bacterial growth

5. Fine bubble diffusers are of inadequate air supply

6. No arrangement for fine bubble diffusers

Tube settler

1. Tube settler not separating sludge

2. Under capacity of Tube settler

3. No mechanism for recycle in Collection tank

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