Tube Settler

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Tube settler is a type of clarifier used on Water and wastewater treatment plant process, for the solid liquid separation, Depending on where it has been installed in treatment process it can be called Secondary Clarifier or Primary clarifier.

Functions of Tube settler in STP ETP

  • Produce clear supernatant water, in the overflow from the clarifier

  • Thicken the settled biomass solids, to produce a thick underflow

  • Allow settling of biomass solids in the Mixed Liquor (biomass slurry) o f the aeration tank (MBBR, SAFF, FAB, MBR), to the bottom hopper of the clarifier

Tube Settler is a passive device, treatment occur due to gravity.

Engineering aspects of Tube Settler.

  • Size of the Tube Settler is derived by calculations

  • Efficiency depends on the projected surface area

  • Fitted with tube settler media

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