Here you will find list of all our Treatment Plants

List of Wastewater Treatment plants offered by our Company


  • STP for domestic waste water for commercial industrial and domestic sectors , packaged Sewage treatment plant ( STP ) , Compact Sewage Treatment Plant , Underground STP ( Sewage Treatment Plant ) , RCC , FAB fluidised aerobic bed reactor , SAFF Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film Reactor , High BOD COD

  • Reverse Osmosis RO System 

    RO System for wastewater of  Industries 

  • Using the extended surface area of biofilms we introduce this MBBR technology

  • Membrane Based STP ETP for replacing tertiary treatment producing highly pure water for recycling back in process

  • Industrial ETP for High BOD COD reduction with latest technologies Zero Discharge effluent treatment plant compact type ETP

  • Lamella clarifier for TSS ( Total Suspended Solids ) removal

  • For Industries - Industrial UF and Nanofiltration

  • SBR Based STP ETP

  • for TSS and Oil removal

  • Activated Carbon Filter

    Carbon filter ACF

  • Pressure Sand filter PSF

  • Water Softening Plants

    water softener

  • Water Treatment Plant


  • Mineral Water Plant

    Bottle Water Plant

  • Demineralizer Plant

    DM Plant

  • Manufacturer of Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Manufacturer of Effluent Treatment Plants 


  • Lamella Clarifier 

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